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How Much Does Mulch Cost? What Is a Good Price for Mulch Near Me?

black wet mulch

black wet mulchAdding mulch to your garden does so much more than simply make it look amazing! In fact, mulching can also help to cool the soil, reduce evaporation (and increase soil water retention), suppress the germination of weeds, and add organic matter throughout your garden.  

What’s more, in Australia, our scorching hot summers can easily burn away all of the vital carbon and nutrients from the topsoil, thus reducing its overall fertility. Fortunately, with mulching, it can help to cool it down and help the handy little organisms in your soil to thrive.  

Now, the question is, do you want to mulch your garden yourself? Or would you prefer to hire professionals to install the mulch on your behalf? In either case, how much is it going to cost you? What is considered to be a fair price for mulching? And how much is a bag of mulch near you?  

In this article, we’ll take you through the various prices and applications of mulch, for your convenience, so that you can make an informed decision as to which approach is best for you. Let’s take a closer look… 


How much does mulch cost? 

It depends on a number of factors. How much time do you have on your hands? Because, technically speaking, you don’t have to pay a single penny for mulch if you don’t want to.  

Of course, creating your own mulch does require a fair amount of work and it certainly doesn’t help you if you need some mulch immediately.   

In any case, mulch is made up of chopped up dead leaves, tree branches, bark, and trimmings. So, you can go around your property and collect all of the green waste that you can find, and you’ll have the makings of your very own mulch. Once you have these, you can simply process them through a wood chipper, and then voila!   

Of course, this is all well and good if you have a wood chipper, and the spare time to go around foraging for green-waste. Otherwise, you’re going to have to pay for it.  

So, how much does mulch cost?  

mulch in gardeners hand

Cost of mulch per cubic metre 

On average, in Australia, you are looking at paying about $72 per cubic metre for your mulch.  

Of course, that now begs the question: How much mulch do I need? Which depends on the size of your garden and the thickness of mulch that is required.  

For a standard application of mulch, you’ll be looking at around 10cm (4”) in depth. For a premium application on the other hand, you’ll be looking at approximately 15cm (6”) in depth.  


man doing yard work chores by spreading mulch 

How much does a yard of mulch cost? 

1 cubic metre is approximately $72. This makes a cubic yard of mulch roughly $93.6.  


How much does a bag of mulch cost? 

An average 40L bag of mulch should only cost around $10 dollars. Of course, depending on the size and quality of the mulch, you may end up paying slightly more, or slightly less.  

Next you’ll need to figure out how many bags of mulch you’ll require to cover your landscape. If you know the total size of your garden, then this should be simple enough to figure out. However—and there is no shame in this—if you would sooner skip all of the maths and trying to figure out how much mulch you need, you can simply hire the professionals to take care of the details for you.  

Life is hectic enough as it is without having to stress over how many bags of mulch you need, right down to the last litre!  


What is a good price for mulch? 

Again, at roughly $10 AUD for a 40L bag of mulch, we would say that this is a reasonable price. You can indeed find mulch for cheaper, and you can pick up premium mulch for a slightly higher price. However, a standard bag of mulch should suit your needs sufficiently. It all depends on how you plan to apply the mulch, or for what purpose (e.g., whether you are mulching around your trees, your garden plants, or applying it during the winter months).  


Cost of mulch per yard installed 

If you would prefer to have mulch installed in your garden on your behalf, then you will be looking at the following prices (on average):  

  • For a large garden, having mulch installed is likely going to cost you around $5 per square yard.  
  • For a medium sized garden, you’ll likely be looking at about $5.60 per square yard.  
  • And for smaller gardens, having mulch installed should fall around the $9.50 per square yard mark.  

Economically speaking, you’ll spend less money per square yard for a larger garden. This is simply down to the cost of labour, time for preparation, and the application itself. A small garden certainly won’t take as long, but the cost of travel and preparation has to be factored into it, which is why the cost per square yard will increase.  

In any case, having mulch installed by professionals is much easier than having to dig through it all yourself. You won’t need to worry about figuring out exactly how many bags you need, or how deep you need to go when applying it. Instead, you can simply hire the professionals instead. That way you can simply reap the benefits without the headache! 


How Much Does Mulch Cost in Perth From AB Trees

AB Trees Do Not install mulch, however, we can just deliver mulch in Perth to you directly to you.

We keep the cost of mulch in Perth simple and affordable.

We charge $220 full truck which is 22 cubic metres of mulch. Anything under 22 cubic metres is minimum cost of $165

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