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Certified Arborists - Professional Tree Surgeons Perth

Certified Arborists – Professional Tree Surgeons Perth

About AB Trees – Your Local Professional Arborist & Tree Surgeon Company in Perth

AB Trees is a Perth based family run arborist company offering professional tree pruning and removal services. Headed up by father and son Andrew and Ben, who have been offering the best certified arborist services in Perth since 2009. A B Trees have managed to build an exceptional reputation for offering a reliable, friendly and most importantly safe and professional service.

As qualified and professional tree surgeons we work by the Australian Code of Practice, we like to show our clients the difference between simply lopping a tree and what it means to be a true certified arborist. Our team are all highly-trained tree surgeons and only work to the highest of standards and follow our no mess and no damage policy.

In addition to that, we take great pride in our integrity. As a family run business, we believe that there is nothing more valuable than full-transparency, quality advice and following through with our promises. So, if you want the job done safely, correctly and at a fair price, – then AB Trees is the local professional arborist & tree removal company for you.

For your peace of mind, our friendly team of professionals are well-qualified, highly-trained and fully licenced & insured. Know that at AB Trees, we are dedicated to providing you with the safest, cost-effective and most efficient solution to your needs.

We offer fast, free and no-obligation quotes for your convenience. Simply get in touch with us today and we will happily assist you.

A B Trees – Reputable Tree Surgeons in Perth – Who Are We?

Arbour Beauty Trees, Ben (son) is the backbone of the business with full arborist certification from Challenger TAFE Murdoch and over a decade of experience in the industry; Andrew (father) takes more of a managerial role. All operations are run efficiently, with punctuality and precision in mind. – So, you can rest assured that your enquiry will be processed in a timely manner and that we will arrive, ready to work at your convenience. A B Trees operates with a core team of qualified arborists headed up by Ben. This system works well for us as we prefer to offer our customers a more personalised service. That way we can keep a close eye on everything and allow you to meet with the tree surgeon who will be carrying out the job, personally. Team leader Ben has a keen eye for the reduction and shaping of trees. His speciality is transforming them in to safe and aesthetically stunning trees, whilst ensuring that future growth is both healthy and strong.

Get Your Free Quote Today!

Get Your Free Quote Today!

Our Arborists Philosophy

We are a family run tree surgeon company in Perth, dedicated to providing a high-quality and personalised tree service at the fairest prices for all. We aim to deliver nothing short of perfection, leaving our customers entirely satisfied with our service; – whether its small tree pruning or the technical removal of a larger tree with a crane service tree removal of a problematic tree

We are proud of the reputation that we have built for ourselves over the years as arborists delivering a professional service and look forward to continued growth alongside our valued repeat & referral customers.

A Tree Surgeons Quotation & Advice

When you get in contact with us, we will happily provide you with a free, no-obligation quotation. In addition to that, we can offer you honest and expert advice on the best approach towards handling your current situation.  We will always endeavour to beat any like for like quotation. – That coupled with our ‘no mess no damage’ guarantee is what sets us apart from our competition.

With regards to our pricing policy, we strive only for the most competitive prices in the tree surgeon market. As a family-run business, we are entirely transparent, and our pricing is fair in accordance with the complexity of the job. – Simply put; your quotation will accurately reflect the time it will take for us to get the job done.  


As an act of good faith, our Perth based arborists never ask for payment prior to the completion of the job, and ensure your satisfaction. Only once we’ve delivered our promise and cleaned up after ourselves will we handle that side of the transaction.

FAQ’s: Arborists / Tree Surgeons

Below we’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions about arborists and tree surgeons. If you have any further questions that aren’t covered here, please feel free to contact us today.

Q: What is an arborist / tree surgeon? Is there a difference?

A: The terms “arborist” and “tree surgeon” are often used interchangeably, and there is no significant difference between the two.
The two titles refer to professionals who specialise in the care and maintenance of trees; they both have expertise in tree pruning, tree removal, tree health assessment, and all other tree-related services.
The term “arborist” is more commonly used in North America and Australia, while “tree surgeon” is often used in the United Kingdom and Europe.

Q: Why should I hire professional arborists?

A: Qualified arborists are the best of the best. Here’s why:
– Expertise: Arborists have in-depth knowledge of tree biology, diseases, and proper tree care techniques.
– Safety: We are trained to work safely at heights and handle specialised equipment to ensure the safety of both the tree itself, and the surrounding property.
– Tree Health: Arborists can assess the health of your trees, diagnose problems, and provide the appropriate treatments in order to promote strong future growth and vitality.
– Tree Preservation: We can help preserve valuable trees by implementing proper pruning techniques and identifying any potential or underlying risks.

Q: How do I choose the right arborist for my tree care needs?

A: Here’s how to choose the ideal arborists for you:
– Certification and Credentials: Look for certified arborists who have undergone the appropriate formal training and are clearly knowledgeable in tree care.
– Experience: Find out how long they have been in the industry and their track record of successful projects.
– Insurance: Ensure the arborist has liability insurance and workers’ compensation coverage to protect you and your property.
– Recommendations and Reviews: Read up on customer testimonials and ask for recommendations from trusted sources.
– Services Offered: Make sure the arborist in question can indeed help you with the specific services you need.

Q: What services do arborists provide?

A: Arborists offer a wide range of tree care and maintenance services, including (but not limited to):
– Tree Pruning: Proper pruning techniques to enhance tree health, shape, and structure.
– Tree Removal: Safe and efficient removal of trees that are diseased, dead, or pose a risk to property.
– Tree Health Assessment: The expert evaluation of tree health, diagnosing diseases or pests, and recommending the appropriate treatments.
– Tree Maintenance: Regular tree care and maintenance, such as fertilisation, mulching, and watering.
– Tree Risk Assessment: Identifying potential hazards and recommending measures to mitigate them.

Q: Do arborists use environmentally friendly practices?

A: By definition, arborists prioritise environmental stewardship and use best practices that promote tree health and sustainability.

Q: How often should I have my trees inspected by an arborist?

A: Regular tree inspections are essential for maintaining tree health and identifying potential issues early on. Speak with your local arborist and they can advise you accordingly.