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Welcome to AB Trees – Tree Surgeon Perth. We are a locally owned and operated business so you trust that customers will receive the best tree arborist advice. Local Perth based and friendly industry professionals servicing the metropolitan area. If you are looking for tree arborist services in or around Perth, AB Trees – Tree Surgeon Perth Service can provide you with a variety of tree solutions at fair prices.

AB Trees – Tree Surgeon Perth – The A & The B

AB Trees is short for Arbor Beauty Trees, and is run by Andrew & Ben. We are arborists, or tree surgeons. Some people still refer to many tree service companies as “Tree Loppers” or loppers, however the difference is chalk and cheese. An arborist takes care of trees, keeps them in their natural growing shape, promotes future growth and provides owners with an amenity tree for enjoyment. An arborist will also safely remove trees as necessary, always in the knowledge that there is another future tree that may grow to provide better amenity.

Quoting & Advice

We will provide free, no obligation, written quotes once contacted. We will also give advice on what to do with your trees.

Need Tree Solutions? Simple as AB trees.

Why Choose AB Trees – Tree Surgeon Perth?

AB Trees have many years of industry experience providing quality tree trimming, pruning, stump removal and other tree services to customers in Perth. As a preferred choice for local tree lopping services in Perth we have developed a strong reputation amongst the Perth community for providing high quality tree services at competitive prices, and no job is too big or small. AB Trees – Expert Tree Surgeon Services have been professionally trained to assist you with all your tree service requirements, so for more information or advice we’d love to hear from you.

For more information on our tree surgeon services at AB Trees – Tree Surgeon Perth, email us for a quote or call 0411 051 272.

AB Trees – Company Philosophy

We are a family based company that aims to provide a personal and quality service for a fair price to all. We want our clients to be completely satisfied, from a small pruning or cleanup job to a large and technical removal of a pestiferous tree. Our aim is to build a significant repeat and referral business that has an excellent reputation.

AB Trees – Who Are We?

Andrew, the “A” in AB Trees, has experience in leadership, staffing, and management based on Army service. Andrew will probably be the person you first talk to about your tree solution and is the “management” for want of a better description (although he can still lift heavy things, he’ll have you know).

AB Trees work, though, is based around the “B” and his team. Ben, 30, a qualified arborist, or tree surgeon, who has 8 years of experience in Perth and has worked for reputable tree firms until “branching” out with Andrew in the last couple of years. At AB Trees we only have a single team led by Ben – this way we keep a personal handle on things and the client can meet and talk to the arborist who would do the job. We will not ask for payment until the job is completed to the client’s satisfaction. Ben has a very good “eye” for the reduction/thinning out and shaping of a tree for future amenity: visually satisfying as well as safe and happy trees by ensuring that future growth is strong and healthy.

We will not take on jobs where the requirement is to “lop” trees – there’s no quality in lopping.

Between Andrew and Ben, we will be able to provide you with some advice and assurance of our capability and capacity to undertake your work.

AB Trees – Insurances

We are 1st and 3rd (liability) party insured and have full Worker’s Comp insurance in accordance with Worksafe WA. AB Trees – Safety Our crew is trained and familiar with the use of chainsaws, brush chippers, elevated work platforms (cherry pickers) and other aspects of the arborist’s daily work.

AB Trees – Pricing Policy

We have a policy of “fairs fair”. This means that there are NO RIP-OFFS, at all, at any time. We price according to the complexity and effort (= time) required for the particular job. Keeping up to the tree removal cost in Perth, We provide a fair price to you that we would regard as fair to you: fair to us. The bottom line is pricing is based on an hourly rate, and our quotes simply reflect how long we think the job will take.

AB Trees – Tidy Policy

Every quote from a reputable tree company will include the removal of the refuse, usually by way of chipper and truck. We go a step further and guarantee to leave your trees and yard clean and tidy. All refuse is cleared and taken away. Guaranteed. [We can “tidy” stack at the front for council pickups if you need. Just ask.]

AB Trees – Caring For Trees

There is an art to the maintenance of trees. Even after years of experience and training, an arborist must still have a feel for trees and how an individual tree has developed, and cut to shape and promote good future growth. As stated above, “lopping” creates an unsafe and unnatural looking tree, and generally, once lopped = always wrong.

AB Trees – Tree Trimming / Pruning / Shaping

Tree trimming and pruning can keep your property looking its best. It can also keep your maintenance costs down. Animals can use trees to get into your home, the wind causes trees that are to close to brush up against your home, doing damage to the tiles, gutters and windows. Trimming larger trees to thin them out can also let in filtered sunlight to help your grass grow, and to let light into your house. Regular roof line trimming is essential to keeping your roof dry and prolonging its life expectancy.


Sometimes a tree just has to be removed. Generally, there is always another (probably better) tree to be put in its place. Tree Removal can look easy, but trust us, is actually very technical. It is very dangerous if you do not have the proper tools, training and safety equipment to do it correctly. We will handle all your tree removal needs with our Reliable, Professional and Affordable Tree Solutions.

AB Trees – Cherry-Picker & Crane Service

While most jobs do not need a crane we have access to small and large cranes to fit your specific needs. Your needs and budget come first. AB Trees – Stump Grinding & Wood Chips Whether you need a stump ground out on the tree we just removed or it’s an old stump we can take care of either. The stump grinder can travel separate from the crew so you can do it at any time that fits your schedule and budget. We can leave you with your chipped trees also – just ask. We sell aged chips also.

AB Trees – Debris Removal

Jobs are not complete without debris removal. We have solutions to fit your needs big or small. We can come and just remove your already stacked refuse through our chipper. Also, talking about debris, you may be happy to know that ALL tree debris is recycled – it is either used as chipmulch, or dropped at professional garden mulch production sites such as Richgrow.

AB Trees – Working To These Standards

AS 4373:1996 – Pruning of amenity trees
AS 2727 – 1997 – Chainsaws Guide to safe working practices
AS 2726.1 – 2004 Chainsaws – Safety requirements – Chainsaws for general use
AS 2726.2 – 2004 Chainsaws – Safety requirements – Chainsaws for tree service
AS 2550.10 – 1994 Cranes – Safe use – Elevating work platforms
AS 1418.10 (Int) – 2004 Cranes, hoists and winches – Elevating work platforms
AS/NZS 1891. 1: 2007 Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices – Harnesses and ancillary equipment
AS/NZS 1891:1997 Occupational protective helmets
AS/NZS 1270:2002 Acoustics – Hearing protectors
AS/NZS 1337:1992 Eye protectors for industrial applications
AS/NZS 2210. 1:1994 Occupational protective footwear – Guide to selection, care and use
AS/NZS 4453.3: 1997 Protective clothing for users of hand-held chainsaws – Protective legwear
AS/NZS 4602:1999 High visibility safety garments
AB Trees – Bottom Line

We will lay claim to this: We may not be the cheapest, but we are equal to the best. You will get a quality job done.

AB Trees Customer Reviews

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