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Do you notice your tree unnecessarily spreading its wings?
  • Does it curb natural light to your garden?
  • Do you see dead branches jutting out unnecessarily?
  • Is the overgrown tree making your garden look clumsy?
  • Are you looking for professional tree pruner to bring normalcy to the tree?

If your answer is a yes to all of these, you need effective help from AB Trees where experts on tree pruning in Perth come to your rescue. With the right amount of expertise up our sleeves and the right techniques put to use, we ensure that the tree receives the best form after we are done with treating it.

Trees play a very important role in our lives where it provides shade, aids to the aesthetics of a particular place along with contributing in a positive way to the environment. We at AB Trees believe that when trees are treated well and maintained in the right way, it is likely to grow in the best way while contributing positively and not causing a problem for people and the surroundings.

As they grow from all sides, it can often turn out to be a problem for people where broken branches can obstruct roads, the leaves can clog drains and gutters, snap electrical wires and make things problematic while spreading towards neighbouring premises.


With high-quality tree pruning services and the use of upgraded equipment, you can rest assured and watch your tree get a makeover along with enjoying a neat and clean garden. Your garden gets to enjoy better access to sunlight, you tend to face lesser risks with no dead branches falling off and finally giving your garden an appealing look. We put to use modern tree pruning equipment to ensure that the trees stay safe as well as getting rid of overgrowth and further problems.

  • More space for sunlight to reach your garden
  • Better longevity of the tree
  • Your garden looks neat and trimmed
  • Old and broken branches are removed to prevent further complications
  • Better growth of the tree
  • Regular pruning makes it resilient to severe weather
  • If it is a fruit bearing tree, it gets a balanced shape to support crops


While you approach us for tree pruning services, you get to avail a free quote from our end. Watch us take up the responsibility and transform your garden.
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