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Pine Tree Pruning Perth

Pine Tree Pruning Perth

Pine trees are gorgeous, aromatic beings that can look wonderful in a garden. That, and in order to grow they do not require that much in the way of care. They can thrive in poor soil conditions, they do not require any special oil to grow, and some pine trees are known to grow to the most majestic of heights.

That said, pine trees can grow too large for the space that they were planted in, particularly the home garden. Thus, it is important to keep your pine trees pruned regularly, as an integral part of their maintenance.

Pruning is about remove the dead and diseased areas of the tree, whilst improving its shape and size, and helping it to grow denser and more lush foliage.

If you are interested in having your pine trees pruned, the best time to do so is during the late springtime. This will keep them looking nice and healthy throughout the year. 

Hire the Professionals for Pine Tree Pruning in Perth

There is a fine art to pruning and our arborists are experts at what they do. This is the process that we will undertake on your behalf:

  • We will begin by trimming each branch back carefully to approximately one-third.
  • Following that we will cut the centre trunk back at roughly 8-20, with the side branches at 4 to 6 inches. This will allow the tree to maintain its shape (for example, the traditional cone shape that we all love).
  • We will then remove any dead or broken branches. These are easy enough to spot as there will be no foliage or green underneath the bark. Clearing these away will promote strong future growth.
  • Any diseased branches will be pruned about 5 to 6 inches beyond the diseased area. This will help to clear out the infection and restore the trees health.
  • We will also trim away approximately one-third of the tree’s canopy. This will not cause any damage to the tree, whilst ensuring that growth is thicker and healthier in the future.
  • Another thing that we will look out for is branches growing close to each other and crowding. We will trim these away to prevent branches from becoming malformed.


If you are interested in having your pine trees pruned professionally in Perth, then please feel free to contact us today.