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EWP – Cherry Picker Tree Services and Removal Perth

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At AB Trees Perth, one of the main things that sets us apart from the competition is our accessibility options. We can tackle any job, no matter how big or small, as we have an EWP (elevated work platform / aka Cherry Picker), allowing us to reach greater heights, safely.  

Tree Lopping in a Crane

Being able to work comfortably at such heights gives us an excellent advantage when it comes to lopping or removing tall trees that need to be carefully worked on at multiple levels.  

tree removal service using crane

When dealing with an especially large tree, you should never attempt to climb it on your own, especially with dangerous equipment such as a chainsaw in hand 

Here at AB Trees, we have the experience, the equipment, and the expertise, to tackle any tree-related task with careful precision.  

Cherry Picker Tree Services  

EWP tree services are ideal for tackling those hard-to-reach trees that can be a nuisance to tend to. Whether it be a case of not having a big enough ladder or the tree simply being in an awkward and unreachable location from the ground-up, our cherry picker tree services will make short work of the job.   If you require a tree pruning, lopping, or removing altogether, our EWP will allow us access to a tree of any height, allowing us to handle the task safely and thoroughly.   


Our EWP Tree Lopping  Perth

Tree lopping can be especially dangerous when dealing with a large tree. With our cherry picker, we can make short work of tree lopping and carry out the task without having to put you, your property, or our expert arborists in any danger.  

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Get Your Free Quote Today!

Cherry Picker Tree Removal In Perth 

When it comes to removing an especially large tree or trying to fell a tree in a relatively enclosed area with other nearby properties in the proximity of the tree’s fall radius, often a different approach is required.   Rather than cutting the tree at the bottom and hoping that it doesn’t crash into your neighbours living room, we can instead use an elevated work platform and carefully cut the tree down in sections, from top to bottom 

Why You Should Consider EWP Tree Services

This is a much safer way of dealing with large trees and in doing so, we can make short work of the task and have the tree removed from your property safely and thoroughly.

If you’d like to know more about our EWP and the various tree related services that we offer, please feel free to contact our Perth Based team at your convenience. We’re always happy to help.