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      Professional Tree Lopping and Removal In Perth

      Welcome to AB Trees. We are one of Perth’s leading tree lopping companies when it comes to professionalism and safety on and off the job. We are a Western Australian, family-owned and operated business. Over the last 10 years we have set big expectations for ourselves; to provide our customers with the best possible service, without the large price tag. This has helped us grow into the company we are today, and our customers are always happy with the value for money jobs that they receive.

      Our Reliable Perth Tree Removal Staff

      All our staff are either qualified or attending Tafe, to become qualified arborists. –  Even our ground staff and truck drivers have obtained tickets in chipper and chainsaw operations. 

      We are based in the Perth metropolitan area of WA, and we operate both north and south of the river. There is no job too small for us to take on and there is no job too big for us to handle. 

      Our Tree Lopping Services Guarantee

      AB Trees Perth guarantees to respond to every enquiry. All of our quotes also come with our NO MESS and NO DAMAGE policy.


      Get Your Free Quote Today!

      Get Your Free Quote Today!

      What We Do

      Our Perth Based Tree Services

      At AB Trees we offer a wide variety of tree-related services in Perth.

      Whether you have a large, pestiferous tree that needs removing with a crane service or maybe a cherry picker; perhaps you would like the trees on your property masterfully pruned and cared for, or you simply need some expert advice from qualified arborists on how to properly handle your overgrowing palm trees…

      AB Trees is your number one tree lopping, tree felling, and tree removal specialists in Perth. 

      large tree removal service in Perth

      Tree Lopping

      The actual term tree lopping is frowned upon amongst certified arborists. It is something that they are trained not to do as it causes damage to trees. Out of the professional circle it is used loosely for all kinds of tree cutting.

      Tree Removal

      You may have to consider tree removal services when you have a dead or dying tree that has the potential to become a hazard. We can safely remove your tree without damaging the surrounding area. No job too big or too small for us to consider. 

      Stump Grinding

      A tree stump can be a hazard and an annoyance in your garden. Not to mention an eye saw. They are not easy to remove without the right equipment. We have the tools for the job and happy to help you grind away that pesky stump.

      Tree Shaping/hedging

      If your tree is looking a little bit shabby and a bit of an eyesore or blocking out the sun and you want more light. Having it shaped by a professional is the only way to go, you will improve the aesthetics of your garden whilst at the same time let in more light. 

      Block Clearing

      If you own a block of land that you would like to develop a property on, but you have obstacles such as trees and bushes in the way holding up your plans. Our block clearing service is what you need. We will visit your site, give you our professional advice and quote all for free. 

      Powerline Clearance

      If you leave your trees unmaintained, they can start to get too close to powerlines. This can cause all kinds of issues, you may even get a notified by your power company that your tree is too close to their service lines. We can take care of this issue for you. 

      We have built up a solid reputation over the years for delivering unparalleled professionalism with our Perth based tree services; for displaying superior knowledge of Australian tree species; and for our dedication to providing exceptional customer care.

      Don’t waste your time and money on some Facebook cowboy with a chainsaw. Hire the professionals to take care of the trees on your property instead. We approach every single job with the utmost care and consideration and will leave your property looking spotless and very much intact.

      A Few AB Trees Customer Reviews

      What they say
      • Ashburton Crane Hire has been using AB Trees for 8 years now for tree lopping at our industrial yard in High Wycombe and my house in Banjup. Ben and his team are professional, hard working and are competitively priced. Thanks again to the boys for not making one mark on the new bitumen driveway when sorting the large date palm out last week.

        Guy Black
        Guy Black
      • Ben was knowledgeable and helpful. His team did a fantastic job removing 15 trees and bushes from my property. The quote and invoice were both provided online. I would recommend AB Trees to anyone wanting tree removal done quickly and to a high standard.

        gary wesley
        Gary Wesley
      • We are a large strata property in Como with a great many mature trees onsite. Andrew, Ben and their team provided a very efficient pruning and tree removal service. All the debris was removed from site and the complex was left neat and tidy. They are easy to deal with and take pride in their work. Highly recommended.

        Denise Lazenby
        Denise Lazenby
      • ACTON Dalkeith & Cottesloe have experienced excellent service and satisfaction with Ben from AB Trees. I have never been disappointed with the quality of their work or their prices.
        I would happily recommend your services to others without hesitation. Thanks again.

        logo abtrees
        Simone Boyd
      • Ben and his hard working team, removed two trees for me today, and pruned another (one of the trees removed was quite large). They were extremely professional and did a fantastic job and also came with a great price. I would thoroughly recommend A B Trees to anyone.

        logo abtrees
        Rif Pezaj
      • Near impossible stump removal due to narrow access issues.
        Returned on multiple occasions to quote, plan and execute removal – completed with no mess and at original quote price despite difficulties. Thank you

        logo abtrees
        David Hoppe

      Get Your Free Quotation!

      Get Your Free Quote Today!

      Our Projects

      Professional Tree Loppers Services Perth

      In addition to offering expert tree pruning services, we also specialise in tree lopping. Thus, if you have trees on your property that are growing wild and out of control; or perhaps they’re blocking the view from your bedroom window; or even preventing much needed sunlight from reaching the rest of your garden, then we will gladly cut them down to size for you.

      Lopping your tree is not always the best approach if you wish to keep your trees completely healthy and happy. However, if you do wish to reduce their size for whatever reason, without having them removed altogether, then tree lopping will certainly be your best option.

      AB Trees (the number one tree loppers in Perth) is at your disposal. Simply contact us today for a free quotation and we can get started at your convenience.

      Our Reliable Tree Removal In Perth

      Tree removal is a dangerous task and something that should not be attempted without the correct equipment and experience. Too many times do we hear horror stories of people attempting tree felling by themselves, only to find a 60ft Eucalyptus barge its way through the roof and into their living room.

      At AB Trees we have a significant amount of experience in felling and removing trees safely. We are good at it. It’s what we do! So, if you have a problematic tree that is in need of removal from your property, simply get in contact with us today.

      We will carefully assess your property, fell your tree with expert precision, and safely slice it up and dispose of the remains, we can even grind and remove the stump afterwards.

      Our tree removal services in Perth are so thorough, that we will leave your property with hardly a trace, almost as though there was no tree there to begin with.

      Request Your Free Quote Today

        FAQ's: Tree Lopping and Removal Services

        At AB Trees, we understand that before you can make a decision to choose us, you may have many questions regarding our tree lopping and removal services. To provide you with the information you need, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions.

        Of course, if you have any additional questions that aren’t covered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

        Q: What is tree lopping?

        A: Tree lopping is a term commonly used to describe the process of cutting or trimming trees. However, certified arborists discourage the use of tree lopping as when in the wrong hands, it can cause irreparable damage to trees. Instead, you should consult professionals for proper tree cutting techniques.

        Q: What services do you offer for tree removal?

        Q: Why should I hire professionals for tree removal?

        A: Tree removal can be a very hazardous task that requires specialised equipment and expertise to pull off safely. Hiring professionals ensures the safe removal of your trees without causing damage to the surrounding areas or your property. You should always prioritise safety and hire experienced arborists for tree removal.

        Q: How do you handle stump grinding?

        A: Stump grinding is the process of removing tree stumps after a tree’s removal. We have the necessary equipment to grind stumps effectively, thus eliminating the trip hazards and eyesores they would otherwise present in your garden.

        Q: Can you shape and hedge trees?

        A: Yes, we offer tree shaping and hedging services. Our professionals can shape your trees to improve their aesthetics and/or allow more light into your garden.

        Q: What is block clearance?

        A: Block clearance involves removing trees and bushes from a block of land in order to clear the way for property development, for example. Our experts can gladly provide block clearing services and offer free quotes.

        Q: Do you offer power line clearance services?

        A: Yes, we can take care of power line clearance. If the trees on your property are growing too close for comfort to your power lines, it can pose significant risks. Our team can safely remove or trim the trees in order to prevent any potential issues.

        Q: How do I request a quote?

        A: You can request a free, no-obligation quote by contacting us through our website or by calling Ben on 0424 150 899, or Andrew on 0411 051 272. We aim to respond to all inquiries as quickly and as promptly as possible.

        Q: Are your staff qualified?

        A: Yes, all our staff members are either highly qualified and long-established arborists or are undergoing training (under the close and watchful supervision of an experienced arborist). Even our ground staff and truck drivers have obtained all of the relevant certifications in chipper and chainsaw operations.

        Q: What is your NO MESS and NO DAMAGE policy?

        A: We guarantee that our tree lopping and removal services will leave no mess behind, and we ensure that no damage is caused to your property during the process! Simple.

        Q: What areas do you serve?

        A: We are based in the Perth metropolitan area of WA and operate both north and south of the river. We are available to take on jobs of any size within these areas.