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Fig Tree Pruning Perth

Fig Tree Pruning Perth

Fig Tree Pruning Perth

The fig tree is ancient and has long provided us with an easy solution to growing fruit in the home garden. In fact, mentions of figs being harvested in the home go back thousands of years. However, although they have been around for such a long time, many people are still at a complete loss when it comes to properly pruning and caring for fig trees. Which is understandable, as pruning trees in general is rather a complex and delicate task that requires an expert touch.

Fig Tree Pruning Service in Perth

At AB Trees, we are proud to provide a fig tree pruning service in Perth. If you have fig trees in your garden and you want them to be as happy and healthy as possible so that you can continue enjoying the fruits of—in this case—our labour, for many years to come, then you needn’t look any further.

Rather than running the risk of causing irreparable damage to your precious fig trees, why not call the professionals instead? There are plenty of gardening activities that you can enjoy without taking up too much of your precious time, and you can let us take care of the laborious pruning jobs on your behalf.

When is the Best Time to Have Your Fig Trees Pruned?

Once a fig tree has been successfully established in your garden, the opportune time to prune it will be in the winter months when it is dormant and not growing any fruit.

Our Fig Tree Pruning in Perth

We will begin by carefully cutting away any branches that are not growing out of the selected fruiting wood, as well as any potential dead or diseased wood that might cause future issues or stunt the fig tree’s growth. Our fig tree pruning expert will remove any suckers growing at the base of the tree as well, to keep it clean, healthy, and aesthetically stunning.

Following that, our arborists will continue to trim the fig tree, pruning any secondary branches that are growing at less than a 45-degree angle from the main branches of the tree. This is an essential fig tree pruning step that will remove branches that would otherwise eventually grow too close to the tree and ultimately produce inferior fruits.

Finally, as part of our expert fig tree pruning service, we will trim the main branches back by approximately ¼. This essential step allows the tree to redirect more energy to producing fruit in the next blossoming season, rendering them larger and significantly sweeter!  Thus, pruning your fig tree is not only the most effective way of producing a much more attractive yield, but also maintaining a healthy, happy, and attractive tree.

Book Your Perth Fig Tree Pruning Service Today

If you like the sound of having tastier figs and a healthy looking tree in your home garden, then contact AB Trees today for your no obligation quotation. Our team of experts will gladly handle the more delicate and laborious tasks, allowing you to keep a gorgeous and healthy-looking garden, with very little effort.