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Buy Wood Chip Garden Mulch for Sale with Delivery in Perth

Buy Wood Chip Garden Mulch for Sale with Delivery in Perth

Garden Mulch for Sale with Delivery in Perth

At A B Trees, we sell wood chip garden mulch for delivery in Perth. But what is wood chip garden mulch and what can it be used for? 

Wood chip is a versatile material that can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Let’s take a look at four excellent applications for your garden.

Weed suppression and soil protection 

Wood chip garden mulch is ideal for weed suppression and soil protection. In addition to that, is decomposes slowly and once having been applied to your flower beds, you won’t need to reapply any more mulch for quite some time. 

Wood chip forms a protective layer that can moderate soil conditions through multiple process such as moisture retention and then a slow release back into the soil itself. 

That, and wood chip can also add a pleasing aesthetic to your garden. 

Buy Wood Chip Garden Mulch for Sale with Delivery From Mulch Suppliers in Perth

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Wood chip is great for mushroom cultivation 

Would you like to grow your own mushrooms? If so, then wood chip garden mulch is awesome for cultivating them. The simplest way to grow them, is by first identifying the type of mushroom that you would like to produce. Next, you can acquire the appropriate spores in order to facilitate the growth. Find a nice patch of shady area in your garden, apply some pre-soaked wood chips, and then plant the spores for future cultivation. 

There are many benefits to growing your own mushrooms. Not only are they delicious, versatile, and high in nutrients, but they can also help to cleanse your garden soil as well! 

Creating pathways with wood chip garden mulch

Another great use for wood chip garden mulch is creating pathways and walkways in your garden. These safe-to-tread paths through your garden are soft, safe, and easy to implement by yourself. And of course, as mentioned above, wood chip garden mulch is great for weed suppression, keeping your pathways clean and clear.

Building safe garden habitats 

If you love seeing your garden filled with all manner of beautiful insects and critters, then wood chips can be used to make safe garden habitats. You should even consider throwing in some old hallowed out logs surrounded by wood chips for feature pieces and attractive homes for little garden critters. 

Mulch suppliers in Perth 

At AB Trees, we have no shortage of wood chips! Given how many trees we prune, lop, and remove on a daily basis, we always have a great stock of wood chip garden mulch. So, if you are looking for mulch for sale in Perth, then you really needn’t look any further. With our fresh wood chip supplies, you can retain moisture in your soil, suppress weeds, keep the soil itself cool, prevent frost heaving during the winter, and make your garden beds look much more attractive! 

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