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Gum Tree or Eucalyptus Tree Pruning and Removal Perth

Gum trees, or Eucalyptus trees, are one of the most iconic types of trees that you can find in Perth. With hundreds of different species found in the area, it can be tricky to know which you have in your garden, and exactly how to give them the care they need. Our experienced arborists have over a decade of experience providing any and all tree services that Perth residents require. And all for the best price around.

If you are in need of any gum or eucalyptus tree services in the Perth area, contact AB Trees for a quote that is sure to impress, and a level of service that will do the same…

Professional Tree Removal

Gum Tree or Eucalyptus Tree Pruning Perth

For anyone considering the best tree to place in your garden in Perth, gum trees are among the top choices. These trees act as insecticides, they grow well and thrive in the environment here, and they are hardy and durable. That doesn’t mean that they don’t still require careful pruning, however. You can prune eucalyptus trees to reduce the height, pollard the tree, and improve its shape.

At AB Trees, our highly qualified arborists are skilled at gum tree or eucalyptus pruning and have knowledge of all the species of gum and eucalyptus trees in Perth and its surrounding areas.  Whatever type of gum or eucalyptus you have, whether its leaves are sharp or rounded, whether it is a dwarf variety or one that grows upwards of 10 metres tall, we are here to help.

We can shape your trees however you like without causing any harm to their health, and do so safely and efficiently in a time frame that suits you. We can enhance sunlight exposure, stimulate new growth, and protect and prolong your gum or eucalyptus trees health. All while improving your view, and without breaking the bank.

Gum Tree or Eucalyptus Tree Removal Perth

Gum tree or eucalyptus tree removal can be highly dangerous, and should never be attempted by anyone but the experts. At AB Trees we are proud to hold professionalism and expertise at our very core, and our team of qualified arborists is ideally placed to take care of any of your eucalyptus or gum tree removal needs. The last thing you need is a rookie with a chainsaw loose in your garden. We provide only the most efficient tree removal services, and in the safest manner possible.

Once your eucalyptus or gum tree is removed, we can also get rid of the unsightly stump, leaving your garden in the best shape we can. Whether you are looking to get rid of your gum tree due to its death or a disease, to protect your property from damage, or purely for aesthetic reasons, we can take care of it for you right away. 

No matter how big or small the job, at AB Trees we can provide you with the most qualified arborists at the best possible price. With an in-depth knowledge of all of the trees in the area, as well as the skills to care for and remove them, AB Trees is perfectly placed to carry out any and all tree services required in Perth.