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Tree Removal Perth

Tree Removal Perth

Our Tree Removal in Perth

For tree removal in Perth, AB Trees should be your first port of call. We have a wealth of combined experience and have spent many years perfecting our craft.

Perth Tree removal is a dangerous job that requires the appropriate experience, equipment, and health & safety guidance, in order to pull off without incident or injury. Thus, if you have a tree that requires removal (no matter how big or small), our certified arborists will be more than happy to assist you.

If You Need Tree Removal in Perth

There are many reasons to need or want tree removal services and it doesn’t have to be an especially good one, since it is your property.

Of course, there are certain species of tree in Australia which are protected which means that you should tread carefully before removing a tree. If you are unsure of a tree species on your property, then we will gladly come out to assess your property and let you know how best to proceed.

Dead Tree Removal Perth

You may also wish a remove a tree because it is dead or dying. Again, we can come and look at the tree prior to removal in order to determine as to whether or not it can be saved. If this is of no interest to you and you simply would like it removed, then we can do so.

Perth Tree Removal for Construction

Perhaps you’d like to clear some trees in order to make way for an extension or construction project on your property. These are good reasons and providing the trees aren’t protected, it shouldn’t be an issue at all.

Again, there are many other reasons for wanting tree removal in Perth and we do not discriminate.

Seek Professional Tree Removal Assistance

Trees are big, heavy, and especially dangerous. They might not seem all that sinister at a glance, given that they tend not to move much besides the occasional swaying of branches in the wind. However, when a tree is severed at the base with a saw, it will invariably fall, and unless you’re an expert in tree removal, ensuring that it falls in a direction of your choosing is not always as easy as it might seem.

In fact, too often have we seen or heard horror stories of people DIY tree removal, only to find a 30-foot tree has embedded itself into their neighbour’s kitchen or crushed their beloved family car. It simply is not worth the risk and thus we advise that you contact the professionals to assist you every step of the way.

Safe and Appropriate Tree Removal in Perth

Another good reason to hire the professional tree removalists, is because they can dispose of the remains properly. At AB Trees, after a tree removal, we will slice it up for safe disposal, or you can of course keep the remains as firewood, it’s entirely up to you.

Following that, we will use our state-of-the-art stump grinding machinery, in order to clear the remains of the stump and leave your property looking spotless (as though there was no tree there to begin with).

If you’d like to explore our tree removal services further, please feel free to contact us today and we can arrange a free, no-obligation quote.