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Powerline Clearance In Perth

Powerline Clearance In Perth

Professional Powerline Clearance Services with AB Trees

As wild and beautiful as trees are, they can be a nuisance when blocking sunlight and encroaching on your home. However, when they get too close to powerlines it’s a different story entirely.

We cannot understate the importance of ensuring that the trees on your property do not get too close to the powerlines outside your home. If left unattended this issue can become terribly dangerous.

If you haven’t already received a notification from your power company in regard to trees branching close to their service lines, though you’re worried about their current proximity; then please do not hesitate to contact us today. – We’ll be more than happy to come and assess the situation for you and offer our expert advice.

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A fast and efficient service to ensure your convenience and safety

We strongly advise against attempting to cut the trees back on your own, particularly if they are in very close proximity to the powerlines. In order to take on a task like powerline clearance, not only do you need significant experience and the correct equipment; but the appropriate clearance as well.

We’re qualified to clear your trees from Western Power House Service Lines as well as Main Power Lines. Our team of exceptional arborists can safely complete this service according to Australian standards and the required regulations and local bylaws. The correct pruning practices and your health and safety are our primary concerns. Do not attempt a powerline clearance without using professionals.

If you’d like the job carried out to the highest standard, whilst mitigating the damage to your tree; then please get in contact with us at your convenience.