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Stump Grinding
stump grinding

Stump Grinding & Wood Chips

Random tree stumps present in your garden is not just unpleasant but is likely to be dangerous for other plants as well as where things take place from down below without letting you know the reason for such problems that you face.

The Trouble That Tree Stumps Create

Getting rid of a tree is a hectic task in itself. When the tree is felled, what stays behind is the stump which juts out to create trouble.

  • Creates trouble for children and pets while playing in the garden
  • It causes hindrance to landscaping plan
  • There is pest infestation – Termites and Ants
  • Fungal infection on the stump that spreads to the other trees
How it is done?

When it comes to helping you with tree stump removal and stump grinding in Perth, we come over to inspect the tree and its surrounding areas. After analyzing the type of work we are to do, we equip ourselves with the necessary aid in accordance to the requirement.

We put to use exclusive and modern stump grinders to ensure that the stumps are removed from the soil surface with no traces of it in your garden. There are times when roots of a tree penetrate deep into the soil and often spreading itself over a large area. We take necessary measures and care to ensure that your property doesn’t get damaged while performing such tasks.

Whether you need a stump ground out on the tree we just removed or it’s an old stump we can take care of either. The stump grinder travels separate from the crew so you can do it at any time that fits your schedule and budget.


Every quote from a reputable tree company will include the removal of the refuse, usually by way of chipper and truck. We go a step further and guarantee to leave your trees and yard clean and tidy. All refuse is cleared and taken away. Guaranteed!

[We can “tidy” stack at the front for council pickups if you need. Just ask.]


We are 1st and 3rd (liability) party insured and have full Worker’s Comp insurance in accordance with Worksafe WA so there is nothing to worry about.

stump grinding

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