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Tree Crown Lifting, Crown Reduction And Thinning Perth

Tree Crown Lifting, Crown Reduction And Thinning Perth

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Crown Lifting, Reduction and Thinning Perth 

Are you looking for crown lifting, crown reduction, or crown cleaning in Perth? If so, AB trees will gladly accommodate you. We have a wealth of experience in this field and can comfortably transform the trees on your property in accordance with your needs and requirements.   

The crown of a tree is crucial to promoting strong future growth. That said, they have been known to grow wild and unruly. If yours is getting a little messy, one of our arborists will be able to come to your property and tidy the crown up on your behalf.  

Perhaps, the crown of your tree has become too dense and the plant life beneath the tree’s canopy is struggling. This could be because the other plants aren’t receiving enough sunlight. By thinning the crown of your tree, you can allow more sunlight through both to the lower layers of the tree itself, and to the struggling plant life beneath. Of course, there is a fine line. If you cut too much away from the canopy, you will run the risk of exposing too much of the tree and scorching it in the sun.  

Thus, a professional arborist will be required to get the job done correctly, without jeopardizing the health and structural integrity of the tree.  

Crown Lifting Perth 

Crown lifting (or crown raising) in Perth is ideal for trees that have grown excessively. By “lifting” the crown of the tree, you can improve the aesthetic appearance, make the tree appear to be larger, and allow more sunlight through to the lower layers. This is ideal for those who want to create more space in their garden.  

Crown Reduction Perth 

Tree crown reduction in Perth is a suitable service those whose trees have grown wild and unruly. By reducing the crown of the tree, it can tidy it up, allow more sunlight through, and help promote strong future growth for the tree itself, and the plant life underneath.  

Crown reduction can be done in conjunction with pruning. This is an essential part of a tree’s annual maintenance, cutting away any dead or crossed branches, and keeping it happy and healthy.  

Crown reduction can also be done strictly for aesthetic purposes. Again, it is important that you do not reduce the crown excessively as ‘scorching’ the bark underneath the canopy can cause serious irreparable damage.  

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Crown Thinning and Cleaning Perth 

Crown thinning (or crown cleaning) in Perth is recommended for those who are unhappy with their tree’s current appearance. When left to their own devices, a tree’s canopy can grow messy and unruly. By having the crown cleaned or ‘thinned’ you can cut away the mess and create a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.  


Can’t decide? Please feel free to contact AB Trees today and our staff will happily advise you on which service is best suited to your needed and requirements.