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Tree Shaping/Hedging Perth

Tree Shaping
/Hedging Perth

Professional Tree Shaping & Hedging Services in Perth

Tree shaping is an essential part of renovating a garden and getting your home to the architectural and aesthetic standard that you desire. This service combines expert tree shaping techniques, with a keen eye for detail, allowing us to transform untidy trees into attractive and well-formed features.

At A B Trees, we offer cost-effective and comprehensive solutions for our customers. Through careful consideration and expert analysis, we are able to determine the best course of action when it comes to shaping a tree.

Of course, there are other factors to consider when it comes to shaping a tree, in addition to the aesthetic appeal. It’s not just about making a tree look prettier and more presentable but ensuring that your garden remains well-lit as well.

What You Can Expect from Our Tree Shaping Services

No two trees are the same and as such there are a number of methods which can be used for tree shaping, – depending on the size and species of the tree in question. Our expert team will approach each individual job with careful consideration, in order to get the job done safely and effectively. For us, it’s all about delivering fast and efficient results, whilst being certain not to damage the tree and send it into shock.

For larger trees we can access the crown using a cherry picker. This allows us to work safely under larger canopies. Other methods include rope access for smaller trees, with the use of hand held chain-saws where appropriate. Again, these shaping techniques are always carried out by highly-trained, qualified arborists so you’re in safe hands.

Common Tree Shaping Techniques

–       Cleaning the Crown

Cleaning the crown is a technique used to tidy up a tree, removing any dead timber or crossed branches. This requires careful analysis so that our arborists can pinpoint the problem areas and get to work without causing any unnecessary damage to the tree. By the end of the process, your tree will look cleaner, less cluttered and will be hazard free. When done properly, the leaves and branches will be able to flourish. – An ideal service for those who would like the natural shape of a tree restored.

–       Lifting the Crown

Lifting the crown is essentially removing any low hanging branches that look out of place underneath the crown. This technique is a great way of making a tree feel taller, whilst drawing the attention towards the higher levels of the tree. Not only does this promote better air-flow, but it also allows more natural light to penetrate your garden. It’s a great way to open your garden space up and make it feel much bigger.

Of course, these are just two examples of the techniques that we can adopt. Again, it all comes down to your preference and requirements. We will gladly tailor our services to fit you, in order to come up with the best possible solution.