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Tree Shaping & Hedging Services Perth

At AB Trees, we come up with tree care packages that are known to help you deal with your trees well and ensure that they turn out to a boon to your garden.
One such service that we impart is Tree Shaping/ Hedging. Here we are known to give the trees in your premises a particular shape. It not just makes it look appealing to the eye but also ensures that the garden stays well-lit. Each tree has a growth of its own, and after necessary analysis, we come up with the right techniques to ensure that the tree gets a good shape.

The Methodology of Tree Shaping

  • There is rope access to the tree with necessary precautions
  • There is the use of cherry pickers for dense canopies
  • There is the use of chain saws and hand saws to give a good shape
  • There are professional arborists conducting the tasks
Here are a few types of tree shaping tasks that we take up and depending on your need, you get to avail them.
a. Cleaning of the Crown –

This involves removing crossed branches and dead timber. Our arborists analyse the tree well, and after pinpointing the problematic areas, the removal is taken place. It prevents accidents while giving the tree a cleaner look while allowing the leaves and branches to flourish.

b. The lifting of the Crown –

This includes removal of branches that grow low while putting emphasis on the branches that are on the top. This makes the area airy while allowing natural light to penetrate.

The shaping isn’t just limited to this but can always be customised depending on the need for the trees that you own where you may want to beautify your garden with a tree hedge. Once we are done with the tasks, we ensure that your premises are clean and the branches and twigs are removed and the necessary disposal methods are put to use.

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