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Professional Lumberjack Cutting a big Tree in the Forest during the Winter

What trees can be cut down without permission in Australia? Which trees are protected? What is the fine for illegal tree removal in Australia?

You’d think that when it comes to tree removal on your very own property, you’d have the freedom to do whatever you like. However, contrary to common knowledge, there are in fact several tree species that are protected by law in Australia – which means if you remove them without permission, you may be subject...
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Arborist jobs Perth. How to become a qualified tree surgeon and make a career in the tree lopping industry?

Are you a nature lover who never quite grew out of climbing trees? Do you love staying fit and active and relish a challenge? If so, then a career in arboriculture might just be for you. But, how do you become a qualified tree surgeon and make a career in the tree lopping industry? Where...
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How often do you need to prune trees and have your hedges trimmed in Australia?

You could think about tree pruning and hedge trimming as having your haircut. It’s not something that you need to do overly often, but something that can really transform your appearance. The difference is, when trees and hedges get their hair cut, it can lead to strong and sturdy growth (whilst enjoying some of the...
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How much does it cost to remove a palm tree in Perth Australia?

As stunning as palm trees are, symbolising the tropics and a taste of paradise, they’re not without their problems. Sure, on a tropical island beach, you can bask in their beauty and return home again without having to worry about any of the maintenance—kinda like babysitting for a friend; you can always give them back!...
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How much does tree lopping cost in Australia – Tree Lopping Prices in Perth

How much does tree lopping cost in Australia, on average? Before we get into prices, first we are going to define what tree lopping actually is. You see, whilst it is a frequently searched term; it is also one of the most misunderstood terms as well. As such, we will explore tree lopping in greater...
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black wet mulch

How Much Does Mulch Cost? What Is a Good Price for Mulch Near Me?

Adding mulch to your garden does so much more than simply make it look amazing! In fact, mulching can also help to cool the soil, reduce evaporation (and increase soil water retention), suppress the germination of weeds, and add organic matter throughout your garden.   What’s more, in Australia, our scorching hot summers can easily burn...
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What are the water restrictions, sprinkler bans and watering days in Perth 2020-2021

In an effort to reduce the amount of water that we in Western Australia are wasting, the government has introduced a mandatory restriction on water consumption. In order to pull this off, everyone has been given set days and times in which they can use their sprinklers and hoses to water their gardens. This is...
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What is The Price Per Hour and Average Tree Pruning Cost in Australia?

Tree pruning is an essential part of a tree’s general maintenance, but to the uninitiated, it can be an incredibly meticulous and time-consuming task. Between balancing work and home life, many people find it difficult to set the time aside to properly care for the trees on their property, which can of course lead to...
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Truck From AB Trees Perth

4 Top Tips for Finding the Best Tree Lopping Firm Near You

There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a well-groomed garden with plenty of greenery and tall trees, however when buying a property, it’s not as though you get to move the trees about like you would on a game of Sims to optimise them the way you’d prefer. So, you might be stuck with one troublesome...
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How Much Do Tree Services Charge Per Hour In Australia?

Arborists specialise in all tree services. Pretty much anything related to trees, an arborist will cover. You can expect such services as: Consulting Tree reports Tree removal Tree stump grinding Log splitting Root management Pruning Trimming Canopy thinning Each of these different jobs will come with a separate cost, depending on the size, scale, and...
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