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What is The Price Per Hour and Average Tree Pruning Cost in Australia?

Tree pruning is an essential part of a tree’s general maintenance, but to the uninitiated, it can be an incredibly meticulous and time-consuming task. Between balancing work and home life, many people find it difficult to set the time aside to properly care for the trees on their property, which can of course lead to all sorts of problems.

There is, however, a fairly simple solution; hiring a professional tree pruning expert to tend to your trees instead. The question then is, how much does it cost to hire a tree pruning expert in Australia? Is there an average hourly rate to go by? Or do they charge by the job? Read on to find out more…

How are tree pruning prices estimated?

In general, the cost of tree pruning depends on a number of factors.

  • Property accessibility (how easy is it for the arborists to access your tree for pruning?)
  • The size of the tree (which affects the difficulty and time required for pruning)
  • Season (off-seasons may be cheaper, though this isn’t always the case—that, and certain species of tree are required to be pruned at certain times of the year)
  • Tree species (this will determine the type of equipment used and indeed, the complexity of the job)
  • The tree’s condition (older, damaged trees are significantly riskier to work with)
  • Council permissions (in some case, for certain protected tree species, a permit may be required from your local council to carry out work on the said tree)

What is the average tree pruning cost per hour in Australia?

In honesty, very rarely will you come across a tree pruning expert in Australia who charges per hour. Tree pruning cost estimates are typically based on a per-job basis, calculated taking the factors mentioned above, into account.

To give you a rough idea, next we will calculate the average cost for tree pruning in Australia. Then, looking at the average time it takes to prune a tree, you can come up with a relatively accurate pruning cost per hour.

What is the average cost to prune a tree?

On average, the cost of tree pruning in Australia is around $423. This is ranging from $75 for a regular palm, right up to $1,200 for a large tree (and beyond).

But, how long does it take to prune a tree? Well, some small trees can take as little as 15 minutes. Whereas others could take an entire day. So, if we say that an average tree takes 5 hours to prune thoroughly, and the average cost per tree pruning gig in Australia is $423; then you can guestimate an average of $84 AUD an hour…

Please note, that these are strictly estimations and not to be taken as gospel. Many arborists will cost their jobs differently, and depending on where you are in Australia may have an effect as well.

In any case, this should give you a rough guide as to how much it might cost. And if you consider the fact that most tree’s only need pruning once, maybe twice a year at a push, it’s an affordable alternative to keeping your trees happy and healthy.

What’s the average cost to prune a large tree?

For the average cost to prune large trees you can be looking at up to $1,200 AUD for the job (and beyond). Of course, this all depends on the size and complexity of the tree, the species, and how accessible it is for your arborists. Large tree’s that have easy access maybe cost differently, and certain species can work out cheaper, or indeed, more expensive.


Our Tree Pruning Cost Conclusion

Tree pruning in Australia is relatively cheap when you consider the expertise that goes into it. Many arborists have been training for years and continue to perfect their craft. When you pay for tree pruning through a reputable company, you will be getting the dedicated care and attention of highly skilled and qualified tree-care experts.

Again, tree pruning is no simple task. Not only do you require the right tools, but a keen eye and a steady hand. Some people attempt it themselves and end up causing irreparable damage to the tree. If you are not confident in your ability, or you simply do not have enough time to dedicate to learning the necessary tree pruning techniques, then outsourcing this job to a tree pruning expert is your only option.

That said, at an average cost of $84 an hour, this isn’t a terrible trade-off. You get to have your trees maintained, kept happy, and promote strong future growth, without even having to lift a finger. You simply get to enjoy the benefits of having a well-kept tree brightening up your property.

If this is something that you would like to explore further, then please do not hesitate to contact us. Our friendly advisors are on standby and ready to receive your call. We can answer any questions that you might have and arrange a free no-obligation quote for you!

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