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Tree Removal Perth

Tree Removal Services Perth

Are you having these problems with trees on your property?

  • Too big? (you know, like a huuuuuuge white gum)
  • Dangerous? (yep, that white gum again…)
  • Too messy? (Mhhm, white gum!)
  • An eyesore? (Probably NOT the white gum – they’re beauties!)
  • Just in the wrong place? (oh yes, back to the too big white gum)
  • In the way of house or block development?

At A B Trees we can provide you with skilful tree removal services in Perth, WA. There are times when removing a tree from your premises becomes a necessary exercise. If they have grown too big or are diseased then they’re essentially a safety hazard. A huge tree in your garden or driveway might well be an eyesore as well. You may have development in mind.

Is removal the only and last resort?

Our team is well aware of the need for sustainability. As arborists, we also simply like trees. We love pruning and shaping trees more than removing them. In some cases if we think that removal just isn’t a good idea, we might suggest re-invigoration via formative pruning techniques, and consequent preservation of your tree. It’s a real pity to remove a tree that has taken so long to grow! However, we understand at times it just has to be done. We say that there’s always a better tree that may replace that tree in the same place or an alternative location – and we may have some suggestions for you, just ask.


Professionalism, Safety and Knowhow

Professionals at AB Trees can help you with all aspects of tree removal in Perth. We know that removal is probably last-ditch, but we can make the entire process that much better.  Backed by years of experience in completing small and large scale tree removal projects with success, we can help with the legal aspects of such endeavours, liaison with neighbours, preparation of the area, safety, and any other queries that you may have. We’ll also tell you about the process and how we approach the work, and what disturbance may occur.

Removing Trees Carefully

Removing a tree from your property may not always be as easy as you may think. Cutting down a relatively small tree might as well be a walk in the park but it’s not so easy when it comes to the bigger ones. This is pretty big, heavy and structural work. The safe, efficient and careful removal of problem trees is one of the most important aspects of being an arborist. Only a trained and experienced arborist should be climbing, cutting and dropping large trees – it is dangerous, heavy and tough work, but we do it on a daily basis.

Tree Removal Solutions: Versatility Guaranteed

Arborists at A B Trees are trained to perform simple to complicated tree removal operations. Features of the services offered by us are:

  • Efficiency – all the right gear
  • Safety – no damage
  • Cleanliness – clean-up is detailed
  • Prudence – taking care
  • Legal knowhow pertaining to tree removal – is it your tree?
  • Affordability – fair pricing policy

Besides years of rigorous training in professional tree removal, we also possess an enviable arsenal of advanced tools that helps us remove small and large trees in a safe and professional manner – small, large and long saws, cherry-pickers, roping, lowering and climbing equipment, trucks, chippers and loaders. All of these are maintained well and of industry standard.

When Your Tree Becomes A Pest!

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