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How Much Does It Cost To Cut Down Or Remove A Tree?

arborist up a tree cutting it down

As gorgeous as most trees are, they can become a bit of a nuisance when left to their own devices. In addition to that, moving to a new property can often mean that you end up with certain species of tree that you wouldn’t have picked for yourself. Take a pine tree for example: their needles shed and go everywhere and the aroma is incredibly strong. Thus, you might want to have the tree removed from your property altogether, rather than live with it and constantly have to sweep up in your yard.

arborist up a tree cutting it down

Whatever your reasons, it isn’t up to a tree removal company to discriminate. Provided that the tree in question isn’t on the protected trees list, there should be no issues.

In this article, we are going to look at how much tree removal costs in Australia, to give you a clearer idea. Bear in mind that these are going off the average costs across Australia. To find out how much we charge, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will gladly give you a free no obligation quotation for the gig.


How Much Does Tree Cost To Remove A Tree?

How much to remove a tree? When it comes to having a tree removed from your property, there are a number of factors for you to consider which will affect the price. These are as follows:

  • How big is the tree in questions?
  • Where is the tree located?
  • How easy or awkward is the tree to access?
  • What are the necessary safety precautions that need to be taken?
  • Will you want the stump removing (always recommended)?
  • The transportation and tipping fees (disposing of the tree after removal from your property).
  • Any permits / red tape.

On average, the cost of tree removal in Australia should be around:

  • $500 for a tree that is 6m in height with a narrow trunk
  • $1000+ for a tree that is 8m in height with a substantial trunk and requires the use of a chainsaw and relevant safety equipment, including removal and cuttings
  • The price can exceed $1000 for exceptionally large or difficult trees

Professional Tree Removal


Please remember that the removal of a tree is often incredibly dangerous and technical work that will require the use of specialist equipment. Thus, this is often reflected in the price when you get quotes for tree removal. It might appear to be expensive, but you are in the safest hands when a specialist tree removal expert is operating on your property.

How Much Does It Cost To Cut Down A Tree?

How much does it cost to cut down a tree, and not remove it? Well, if you would simply like to have the tree cut down, but you don’t want it removing from your property, then you might be able to save a little bit of money. This ultimately comes down to the tree removal company that you are dealing with. Even if you decide that you want to keep the remains, you will likely want the tree trunk sliced up into smaller chunks that can be used for firewood. In this case, you will need to pay for the labour of chopping the tree up, as opposed to having it removed and tipped. Again, this will likely save you a little bit of money, but you shouldn’t expect to save hundreds of dollars on this.

In either case, you will likely want to have the tree stump grinding and removing afterwards. Otherwise, you are left with an absolute eyesore which is also a hazard as well.

Your best bet is to contact our qualified arborists and enquire as to how much money can be saved if you keep the felled tree once it has been cut down.

Arborist up a tree in Perth

Is it Safe To Remove A Tree By Myself?

Of course, you can save your money and attempt to cut the tree down by yourself, but this is not advised! Particularly if you have no experience in arboriculture. You may decide that cutting down the tree by yourself is the best course of action because you cannot afford to spend any money on having a tree removed, but in doing so you put yourself at great risk.

If anything goes wrong, not only do you put yourself in imminent danger but anyone who is helping you as well. Further to that, a felled tree gone wrong can end up crashing through your home, or damaging your other property such as a car parked nearby. There is indeed a fine art to tree felling and it is something that should be approached with great care and consideration.

You may also have a friend of a friend with a chainsaw that has offered to cut the tree down on your behalf. Again, do so at your own risk. They may well be confident enough, but should anything go wrong and the tree fall the wrong way and damage your property, how confident are you that they are fully insured against such an event?

You may be able to save money in the short-term, but should anything go wrong, it’s going to cost you an awful lot more than if you simply went with the professional tree removal service to begin with.

So, to answer the question: ‘how much does it cost to remove a tree?’ – The answer is an awful lot cheaper than it will cost to have the hole in your roof repaired!

Should you wish to explore our tree removal services further, please feel free to contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions that you might have and get you booked in at your convenience.

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