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How Much Do Tree Services Charge Per Hour In Australia?

Arborists specialise in all tree services. Pretty much anything related to trees, an arborist will cover. You can expect such services as:

  • Consulting
  • Tree reports
  • Tree removal
  • Tree stump grinding
  • Log splitting
  • Root management
  • Pruning
  • Trimming
  • Canopy thinning

arborists truck and cherry picker

Each of these different jobs will come with a separate cost, depending on the size, scale, and complexity of the gig in question. For example, a tree removal job, likely won’t include stump grinding in the price. These will be two separate services that can be rolled into one visit.

Root management involves cutting back roots or creating an underground barrier so that your roots do not impede on your driveway or into a neighbours garden.

Log splitting is ideal if you want a tree felling but you would like to keep the remains for firewood. In that case, your arborist can cut the tree into manageable chunks and then split the logs for burning.

Tree pruning involves the removal of limbs that overhang, are dead, or crossed-over in order to promote strong future growth. Tree surgery on the other hand is similar to pruning while focusing on diseased branches and the rehabilitation of a sick or dying tree.

Typically, arborists charge around $70 an hour for reliable tree services. However, this hourly rate does not necessarily reflect the cost of the job. There are many other factors at play:

  • How many workers are required onsite?
  • What equipment is needed (specialist equipment/cherry picker)?
  • How complex is the job?
  • What is the accessibility like?
  • Are there any environmental dangers present?

These are just a few of the factors that can influence the overall cost. In any case, the national average for tree services is around the $70 per hour mark.

How Much Does Tree Consulting & Reports Cost In Australia?

arborist with cherry picker and forklift

A qualified arborist will have significant experience in arboriculture and can subsequently offer to consult and write tree reports. A typical tree consultation will provide you with the following type of information:

  • Is your tree diseased and is it beyond saving?
  • Identifying a species of tree/plant and whether they are on Australian protected species list
  • How much is a tree worth (valuation report)?
  • Public liability and safety reports (does the tree pose a danger to the public or a neighbouring property?)
  • Root mapping reports (are they in close proximity to underground utilities?)
  • Tree maintenance guides and annual care plan

Typically, tree reports are required for submitting to local councils in order to request a tree removal (should the tree be protected yet a health hazard for example). Consultation on the other hand is more focused on general maintenance and tips for caring for your trees.

Here are the typical prices in Australia for arborist consultation and reports:

  • $75 to $100 for 1-5 trees
  • $25 for each additional tree after that
  • $35 fee or submitting your report to the council

Remember, these are averages and not an entirely accurate figure. The costs may vary depending on the circumstances.

How Much Does It Cost To Have A Tree Removed In Australia?

tree surgeon in a tree

The overall cost of a tree removal project will depend on the following factors:

  • How big is the tree?
  • What condition is the tree in?
  • Where is the tree located?
  • How easy is it for the arborists to gain access to the tree’s location?
  • What type of safety precautions are needed for the removal process?
  • Any transportation or tipping fees (assuming you aren’t keeping the remains for firewood)

Larger trees tend to cost me because they have to be cut down from the top to bottom. This typically requires a cherry picker in order for the arborists to reach the higher tiers of the tree safely, whilst operating heavy machinery such as a chainsaw.

The location of the tree is of course, a very important factor as well. A tree that hangs over a neighboring property, for example, looming over their roof, will be even more complicated. The arborists will not be allowed to let the branches fall. This means they need to be secured before cutting them to prevent them from falling on and damaging the neighbouring property. These additional safety precautions will factor into the cost.

Due to the complexity of a tree removal job, the cost can be anywhere from $300, up to $10,000—sometimes even higher. Your arborists will have to inspect the tree and location thoroughly before giving you an accurate quotation. There is a lot of gap between those two numbers, but if you picture an easy 6ft tree removal job with plenty of space, compared to a 30ft tree on a property barrier, looming over a neighbouring property, you can understand why the prices vary so much to reflect that.

How Much Does Tree Stump Removal Cost in Australia?

an arborist stump grinding

Much like tree removal, a stump removal job cost depends on the size, scale, and accessibility of the job—among other factors. Stump grinding involves specialist stump grinding equipment that requires transporting. Some digging may also be required for extensive root systems as well. Thus, a stump removal job can cost anywhere from $350 to $800 or more. On average, you will be looking at around $35 an hour for stump removalists.

Please bear in mind that a stump removal cost is rarely included in the cost of the tree removal. This is something that you need to specify and negotiate prior to accepting the job. Of course, agreeing to stump removal, in the beginning, can save you money as you won’t have to call the arborists back on another occasion to remove the stump.

It is also important to remember that stump grind and root removal can be treated as two separate jobs. This is because often, a root system can be rather expansive and a nightmare to dig up, whereas a regular stump is quite easy to handle with specialist equipment.

What Does Tree Pruning & Tree Surgery Cost in Australia?

Tree pruning and surgery ultimately depend on the size of the tree and how much pruning is required. For the smaller trees, you are looking at an average rate of $35 an hour, including travel and setup time. For larger trees, the cost can be upwards of $500 to $2000. This big jump in price can be put down to the following factors:

  • Having to climb the tree for branch removal
  • Taking personal safety precautions into account
  • Removal of branches without letting them fall to the ground (in case of a tree looming over the neighbouring property)
  • Any accessibility problems
  • Some arborists may charge for the initial consultation


Again, these figures are going off national averages. It really depends on the tree service company that you are dealing with, among the other factors that we have laid out for you in this article.

If you would like to explore our services further or to arrange a free no-obligation quotation, please feel free to contact us today!

In any case, we advise that you take your time and do some research before rushing in. Make sure that you are getting a reasonable deal and that you are confident in the arborists ability to do right by you. Another very important thing to consider is whether they are fully qualified, certified, and insured.

Good luck and stay safe!

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