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4 Top Tips for Finding the Best Tree Lopping Firm Near You

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There’s nothing quite as beautiful as a well-groomed garden with plenty of greenery and tall trees, however when buying a property, it’s not as though you get to move the trees about like you would on a game of Sims to optimise them the way you’d prefer. So, you might be stuck with one troublesome tree that is leaning uncomfortably close to your home or perhaps there are several branches which block the sunlight to certain rooms during the day – whatever the case, it can be frustrating and there’s little that you can do without getting hold of a chainsaw and risking life and limb to sort it out.

But rather than go to that extreme, you can all too easily hire some professional help from arborists offering tree lopping services. There will likely be a number of tree lopping firms near you in your local area, and in this post we are going to share some tips on how you can identify which company is best for you.

1 – Information

The best tree lopping specialists will be exactly that: specialists. This means that they should instantly be able to identify the species of the tree in question (in most cases offering the Latin variation of the name) In addition to that, a well-qualified arborist will be able to talk you through the process in simple terms to let you know exactly how they plan to tackle your problem, how long it take and what sort of prices you’ll be looking at – if you get the feeling the tree surgeon that you’re in contact with is ‘winging it’, bin them off and carry on the search.

2 – Documentation

There are a lot of cowboys out there who aren’t fully qualified to handle the job safely and efficiently and a great way to spot them is the way in which they present you with a quote. If it’s just an off-the-cuff verbal quote without any written documentation, or perhaps just a scrap of paper with a few numbers scribbled on it, get out of there. Sure, there could be companies out there who take a more casual approach, though when it comes to risking the integrity of your property, you’ll want to work with the best.

3 – Presentation

Of course, tree lopping is dirty work, spending all day trudging through the dirt with sawdust flying everywhere so an arborist isn’t going to turn up in a suit and tie looking a million dollars – however, you should be mindful of the way they present themselves, particularly when it comes to their equipment as any professional will keep their equipment well-maintained and looked after, which is what you should expect of your property as well.

4 – Punctuality

Given that most tree lopping companies will handle their calls and enquiries on the job, you’ll often go through to voicemail. This is terribly annoying at times, though it is to be expected when you consider that they’re likely stuck in a tree with a chainsaw. You should however, expect a call back within a few hours, especially if you’ve left a message expressing your interest. If you don’t hear back within a reasonable time though, you shouldn’t expect the service to get any better, so it might be worth moving on and trying someone else.

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